Bonuses and guarantees

We are those who will guarantee you peace of mind, save your health, and last, but not least, save you a lot of money.

We value our customers because they are the reason for our existence. For this reason, we offer above-standard warranties and bonuses which you are unlikely to receive from any other company.

We guarantee the lowest price for the highest quality

Are you looking for the cheapest service provider but do not want to give up your quality requirements? You do not have to look anymore! We offer you a unique service among our competitors – Price Matching or, in other words, the lowest possible price guarantee. What do you have to do? It is simple – if you present to us a serious offer of our competitor relating to the same services, we will match the price and add extra 5% discount as a bonus. All that while maintaining the below-mentioned bonuses and warranties.

How is it possible? It is simple – we have low operating costs (we do not pay for a large administrative building, luxury car fleet, or a bunch of managers and directors). We are not a rigid giant but rather a flexible service provider. Find out yourselves!


We highly value the mutual cooperation and we always remember the good name of our customers. Therefore, it is the matter of course that we act objectively, honestly, and fairly.

If you decide to work with us, you can be confident that...

  • Any information we exchange will be considered as confidential. We will return all provided documents and any processed materials (photographs, video recordings, copies of documents, etc.) required for service provision will be destroyed once the job is finished.
  • We will not disclose the information about your operations to anyone else – unlike many of our competitors, we are not affiliated with any company that supplies technologies or products.
  • If you are interested, we will recommend you an equipment or service supplier specializing in protective systems or related services and we will objectively justify such recommendation
  • We are prepared to support you in negotiations with authorities and institutions (Construction Authority, hygienic authority, fire brigade, occupational safety) and defend the services and documents which we have prepared for you