Certificates and extracts

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Preparation of fire documentation and provision of services in the field of fire protection and prevention require professional knowledge that must be clearly documented. The professional qualification is certified by the Ministry of Interior on the groundwork of successful test passed in front of commission of the Ministry and Fire Rescue Service representatives.

This certificate is also necessary for registration of regulated trade – Technical-organizational activities in the field of fire protection.


Extract from the Commercial Register

SRO - výpis z rejstříku

We are also authorized to design explosion protection for industrial equipment (explosion protection design preparation).










Creation of Fire Documentation and implementation of Fire Protection and Prevention Services requires expertise to be proven. A certificate of professional competence is issued by the Ministry of the Interior on the basis of a successful passing examination in front of the Commission of Representatives of the Ministry of the Interior and the Fire Brigade.


This certificate is also the basis for binding the trade - Technical and organizational activity in the field of Fire Protection.






We also have authorization to design Explosion Protection for industrial facilities (creation of an explosion protection project).