Order processing procedure

Do you hesitate whether or not to work with us? And is it because you do not know what to expect? You do not have to hesitate anymore.

If you are interested in our services or just inquiring about the market, we will be happy if you contact us. And what can you expect? Usual procedure can be summarized into several simple steps:

1. Scope determination

If possible, we will visit you to clarify what services we can offer and in what scope. The initial visit includes a brief visit to the operation and/or discussion over the project (design). The initial visit is always free of charge and you are not required to prepare any documents.

Another variant consists in contact form completion or delivery of your inquiry by e-mail. If your information is sufficient, we are ready to prepare an offer of our services even on the groundwork of such initial information.

2. Offer

We will prepare a detailed technical and price offer within 48 hours from the initial visit. This offer is usually sent by e-mail. The offer is not binding. The offer is usually valid for 12 months from its issue date and the price is always final including the travel costs and/or other costs relating to services delivery. Thanks to the initial visit, we always know the scope of the job and guarantee that we will not require you to pay any extra costs with the exception of the cases when you order some additional services or inclusion of other objects or equipment above the framework of the original agreement.

3. Order

If we have not cooperated so far, we will appreciate a written order. In case of additional services for our existing customers, an e-mail order or a handshake will be sufficient. We take this commitment as seriously as a written agreement.

4. Visit to the operation

After we receive the order, we will contact you and agree on detailed inspection of your operation. We will e-mail you a list of documents in advance; these will be required for service provision. You do not have to worry, most of it is the information that you have commonly available.

5. Processing and delivery

Usual time required to prepare an Explosion Protection Document is 1-4 weeks. It does not exceed 6 weeks even for extensive areas or if you require any additional services.
Records on determination of external influences are usually finished within 3 weeks, other services (depending on their extent) almost always within 4 weeks.
Time for preparation of 3D models varies from days to up to several weeks depending on their complexity.

We will send you the documents for final confirmation before printing and delivery so you can verify the correct terminology, technology description, procedures, etc. Of course, we are prepared to discuss all parts of the document and answer any questions you might have.

After you approve the documents, we will print out the required number of copies and send them to you together with the handover record and invoice (unless you require the electronic invoicing which we also prefer) by registered mail or by courier service.

6. Confirmation and invoicing

Please sign the handover record, which is usually included in the shipment, and send it back to us - it is enough to scan the document or even take a photograph with your mobile phone. You can send it to our e-mail address or by post.

Maturity period of invoices is usually equivalent to the time required for documentation processing (15 days for smaller orders, 30 days for larger projects). We consider it fair to align the maturity period with the time that we needed to deliver the service.

Early payment will allow us to donate a part of the money to organizations which we support. We thank you on their behalf.