Fire prevention

We provide a complete set of services in the field of industrial equipment protection.

We provide services in the field of fire protection for customers of all kinds - civic buildings and public institutions and also all types of industrial sites. We also provide complete support to designers as well.

Services of Certified Fire Protection Specialist

We provide services of Certified Fire Protection Specialist (CFPS) to companies and institutions that do not have these services covered by their own staff. In the Czech republic the obligation to have this services covered by own personnel or outsourced specialist / company is laid by the Law of Fire Protection Nr. 133/1985 Sb. Within this activity we carry out in particular:

Documentation of assessment of fire risk

  • activities without increased risk of fire
  • activities with low risk of fire
  • activities with high risk of fire

Fire hazard assessment for areas with high risk of fire

Drafting, elaborating, checking and updating of the Documentation of fire protection:

  • Fire Regulations
  • Fire Alarm Instructions
  • Fire Evacuation Plan
  • Fire Reporting Point Regulations
  • Firefighting plan
  • Thematic plan and schedule of staff training in fire protection
  • Fire and Accident Record Book
  • Regulations of placement of fire safety equipment and safety signs

Staff training and training-prevention and fire protection of persons included in the fire prevention teams

  • periodical education and training for employees
  • initial education and training of employees
  • training, education and practical skills development of fire protection and firefighting teams in companies (not professional firefighters)

Fire Safety Design

In cooperation with our partners with Civic Engineering accreditation we also elaborate Fire Safety Design - necessary document for final approval of building by fire prevention authorisation office of Fire Department.

Fire safety design (as well as Explosion Protection Dopcument) is a mandatory part of project documentation. We provide the elaboration of Fire Safety Design for all kinds of buildings, designing a complete set of fire prevention measures in accordance with legislation, we prepare a complete agenda of fire prevention in the form of technical report of the project and we incorporate the fire protection measures into the drawings.

In short, with us you can let fire prevention completely on us.