Explosion prevention

We provide the complete range of services in the sphera of explosion prevention and safety in all kinds of industry - for employers, designers and manufacturers of equipment.

We offer a complete service package for industrial equipment protection against explosion - for employers, designers, as well as for equipment manufacturers.

We provide a complete set of services in the field of explosion prevention - there is nothing we could not do in this area.

For employers

Our services naturally comprise preparation of Explosion Protection Document (EPD) for all types of facilities – from joinery workshop with simple sawdust extraction or single natural gas regulating station, up to a comprehensive assessment of a brewery or power station.

We frequently perform updating, redrafting, or amending of the EPD prepared earlier by someone else - most often due to need for updates after changes in operation or due to excessive complexity of the old document which was hard to use.

If you do not want or need the complete Explosion Protection Document, we can at least perform basic environment classification, determine individual zones, or help you with initiation sources analysis.

Specification and evaluation of tenders for “ATEX” products is a very popular service. Very few people really know what should be the group and category of a fan for explosive vapours extraction or what parameters should a corn grinder meet. Avoid unnecessary disputes in the future and procure the right products!

For designers

We propose correct design of equipment and components for environments with explosion hazard. We will pick the manufacturer and specific equipment type for you or determine specific requirements without listing any specific products.
We can negotiate with technology manufacturers on your behalf and then jointly pick the right equipment for given operation.

We will draw-up for you those technical parts of the design report which relate to explosion and fire hazard and, if necessary, determine the external influences and define equipment-related requirements. We will incorporate all items into your DWG drawing and/or create a 3D model of equipment or premises.

For equipment manufacturers

We will help you with design of machines and equipment intended for environments with explosion hazard. We will help you with products certification at a notified body (formerly notified authority), train you in relevant legislation and acquaint you with solutions successfully implemented in practice.

We will prepare a correct and complete form EU Declaration of Conformity for products according to ATEX legislation.

We will also help you with design, manufacturing, and handover documentation preparation. We will help you to identify errors in internal production inspection and help you with internal quality audit of the manufacturing process, which is the basic prerequisite for manufacturing of equipment intended for environments with explosion hazard.