We provide the services in the field of industrial equipment protection against fire and explosion, draw-up records on determination of external influences, perform environment classification, create 3D models of buildings and equipment (both as a part of other services and individually) and provide training and professional preparation in the field of explosion and fire protection.

Mutual synergy of the services

Thanks to our relatively broad focus, you can benefit from the mutual synergy of our documents.

One example for all: if an environment with explosion hazard is identified at some place, it must be taken into consideration in the Explosion Protection Document, fire protection documentation, in records on determination of external and this risk should be communicated to employees within the framework of trainings. The exact boundaries of the zone can be then presented using a 3D model of the technological equipment.

All these documents should be mutually harmonised. By working with us, you will avoid disputes with various service providers who will each have a different opinion about the given matter.

We provide our services on the basis of necessary authorisations, certificates, and with over 10 years of experience proven by many satisfied customers.

Our focus

We provide complex services in the following areas:

As regards these areas, there is nothing we could not advice or help you with within the framework of our services.

We do not supply any technology or equipment, however, we can recommend our colleagues from relevant field(s) including comparison of various systems, products, and equipment without you having to inquire individual manufacturers on your own.

Do not hesitate to call us

Instead of trying to make as much money as possible on every customer, our priority is to establish a mutually beneficial relationship.

If you need help with something, do not hesitate to contact us. All telephone consultations and even e-mail discussions of specific problems are free of charge without any obligations on your side provided that it is not necessary to draw-up any official documents.
We understand the frustration of trying to find a solution when company management does not have time or is not willing to order qualified services from an external contractor. Call us and you will see that we will find a solution together.