Models gallery

3D models and visualization of premises form integral part of our documents in the field of explosion and fire protection. We also prepare 3D models as a separate service for a broad range of customers from private persons up to public institutions.

autodílna - model 1Model of an imaginary car repair shop – demonstration of car models and repair shop equipment.


autodílna - model detailDetail of the imaginary car repair shop.



B2Model of a central vacuum cleaner with preliminary heavy particle separators.



B1 zóny 2The same central vacuum cleaner model with colour-coded zones with dust explosion hazard (green: zone 22, blue: zone 21, yellow: zone 20).


párací linkaModel of filter unit for dust separation from technology.



párací linka-zónyModel of the filter unit with marked zones with dust explosion hazard.


Composite Components - model 2Model of a part of operating facility (composites machining) with central low-underpressure and high-underpressure withdrawal systems.


Composite Components - zóny 3Model of the part of operating facility with marked explosion hazard zones.


odlehčení 2Perfect illustration of reach of the dust relief safety zone of a filtering unit.



Motion pictures

Our models can move! Mechanical parts of machines can move and turn. We can create a virtual “walk-through” the space or enable you to fly over the selected technology.

Virtual tour through central dust collection system for the entire production hall in food industry: