Our strengths

We perform trainings in the field of fire and explosion protection, professional preparation of persons responsible for prevention in the field of fire protection and preventive fire patrol members. We will keep an eye on the deadlines for you. Our training courses are not about reading the standards and laws. Your employees will really learn something from us.

You may think it does not really matter who performs the training and how – the important thing is to sign the attendance sheet and file it in the folder. But everyone will change their mind when they find out that their employee let the warehouse or production hall burn down only because they did not know how to use the fire extinguisher for what was originally only a small fire of a waste basket. Instead, they just called the fire brigade and ran away.

Somewhat different trainings

Our trainings are not based on reading relevant provisions of the Labor Code and Fire Protection Act full of things like “the employee must act so that they do not causeany fire”.

We believe that the employees should be familiar with the real risks inherent in their work and occurring at their workplaces and that they should mainly know the answers to three elementary questions: WHY?, HOW? and WHAT?

In other words, why do the fire or explosion occur, how does it develop and what should be done against it.


We do not use phrases. Whenever possible, we perform the trainings directly at the workplaces and not in the canteens or meeting rooms where half of the people sleep and the other half is browsing Facebook on their mobile phone..
We try to point out all real risks that can result in fire or explosion, what can the employees expect if the fire occurs, and what can they do to prevent the fire or explosion.


It is also important to understand how the fire develops and what precedes the explosion. That a lot of damages can be prevented by alertness and correct reaction. And that it is not good to overestimate one’s strength and underestimate the risks. That it is always important to analyse the situation correctly – i.e., not to panic in case of a small fire that can be easily extinguished in the early stage and not to risk if the firefighting becomes too dangerous. Such decisions save lives and it is good to prepare the employees directly at their workplaces.


Does everyone know what they should do? Do you believe that your employees know how to announce the fire alarm? That they are familiar with the layout of the fire alarm boxes, controls of stable extinguishing equipment, and that they know how these things work? Do they know where is the main gas shut-off valve for the building in which they work and how to use the fire extinguisher? Do they know why it is not a good idea to use water fire extinguisher for a burning electric switchboard?
We believe that the best thing is to bring them to the particular spot and show them everything.

There is another way

We realize that this approach is not always feasible. It is not possible to train fifty employees in the hall full of production noise. Where convenient, we of course use the training and meeting rooms or canteens. Even though, our trainings are tailored to suit the particular operation. Our trainings include in particular the acquaintance with risks of the particular production type and information about available firefighting measures.

Theoretic information is supported by both and good examples from practice. We use photographs and documentary films do demonstrate the specific examples of good and bad practice.

Train hard, fight easy

It is not good if the preventive fire patrol member holds the fire extinguisher in their hands for the first time when there is a real fire.

And when they find out that they do not know how to use it.

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