Explosion prevention for designers

We offer a complete service package for industrial equipment protection against explosion – for employers, designers, as well as for equipment manufacturers.

Cooperation with designers and general construction or technology contractors represents an important part of our services. We help the designers to cope with the pitfalls of explosion protection as the solutions implemented in design phase are considerably cheaper than any changes to technology already delivered.

As a part of collaboration with designers, we provide the following services:

  • feasibility study, selection of the most advantageous technology for handling or storage of flammable or explosive substances
  • specification of equipment-related requirements, environment determination
  • drawing-up those parts of technical project report which relate to prevention and protection against explosion and fire
  • incorporation of explosion protection systems into design drawings
  • calculation of equipment pressure resistance, calculation of explosion relief areas, determination of safety relief zones
  • calculation of return forces upon explosion relief, calculation of additional loads caused by the explosion
  • preparation of 3D models of key pieces of equipment or of the entire technology

and many others.

The project ends with smooth operation of the equipment.

And we will be happy to help you achieve that. Peaceful sleep is the best reward for each delivered project.

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