Selection of equipment for explosive environment

Precise assignment and accurate data are the key prerequisites in the area of explosion prevention. Vague and unclear information can cost health or lives of the workers. No operator or contractor wishes to find out during the occupancy permit-related proceedings that the new equipment does not conform and has to be replaced. Things will be clear with us.

No matter whether you are a purchasing officer or a technical director and have to deal with equipment purchase for environment with explosion hazard or whether you are a company supposed to deliver such an equipment, we will tell you what to do.

Are you buying an equipment?

It is easy to say that you require “EX-compliant equipment”. It is, however, about the same as asking for your new car to be red...

The requirements on equipment differ for each zone and for each explosive atmosphere. The situation is even more complicated with equipment which is supposed to perform a protective function (i.e., for protective systems). You no longer have to study standards full of “groups”, “categories”, “classes”, and “types”. We will define the clear conditions for you and ensure full compliance during the entire process from bid submission until equipment commissioning. You can then choose the colour...

How does it work? You can choose any from the following steps or, preferably, all of them.

  1. We will prepare clear technical assignment for the inquired equipment based on your Explosion Protection Document, Records on Determination of External Influences, fire-protection documentation, and in line with your requirements regarding functionality and output.
  2. We will ensure anonymous market survey – i.e., inquire the best manufacturers and equipment types without disclosing the end customer’s identity, so you have an idea what to expect from the market.
  3. You announce a tender and approach the pre-selected companies or anyone else you want to include into the selection. For this tender, you will use the assignment documentation prepared by us which clearly and unambiguously specifies all technical aspects of what you require.
  4. We will evaluate the technical aspects of received bids (we usually do not receive any commercial information), determine which of the potential suppliers fulfilled the technical assignment and, if possible, pick the one that did the best job. We draw-up an assessment report with recommendations and comparison of advantages and drawbacks of individual equipment or chosen solutions.
  5. We supervise correct installation, start of operation, verify the completeness and correctness of delivered documentation. We can even represent you in dealings with authorities regarding the fire and explosion safety of your equipment. We guarantee the correct installation.
  6. At the end, we will update your internal documents so that they correspond to the new state (new technology).

Are you delivering equipment?

Have you been inquired to supply equipment for environment with explosion hazard and you lack clear assignment? Is the assignment too complicated and you do not know what is it that the customer wants? Contact us. We will help you:

  • define the correct equipment group and category of the equipment including the temperature class
  • analyse the initiation sources and propose necessary equipment modifications
  • choose the right protective system for given application
  • communicate with the customer in case the assignment is unclear or apparently wrong
  • define complete requirements on the equipment in case they are missing in the assignment
  • prepare correct documents for the project